Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo - ADSFR

July 16, 2011

Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo - ADSFR

BJ, myself, and Nathan grabbed our rain suits and put in this past Saturday morning at Fowl River Marina for our first ADSFR. We got a little wet, but all in all it was a great cool day on the water.

We fished a little there in Fowl River catching a few specks and bait-fish. One speck my Dad caught there must have eaten a bait-fish the same size he was. It's stomach was so packed the fish was almost square. Brick speck, lol.

Later we ran south down Mobile Bay towards Dauphin Island and ran into some heavier chop. After slowing down to prevent the boat from getting hammered into pieces, we trolled some jigs for awhile with no luck. Shortly thereafter we finally landed on a bunch of specks and white trout. After catching around thirty fish, we left them biting with sixteen keepers in the cooler and headed in to weigh our fish.

BJ held third place in the white trout category for a good while, but unfortunately got knocked out yesterday. The ADSFR was a great experience for all of us and hope to do it again next year. Still waiting to hear who won that 21' Contender. Hopefully, one of us.

By: James Kelly Johnson